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    The PIR(Passive Infra-Red) Sensor is a pyroelectric device that detects motion by sensing changes in the infrared(radiant heat) levels emitted by surrounding objects.

    Each Wide Angle PIR Sensor cable includes a 4-pin cable, as well as a mount and hardware to adapt to all RobotGeek products with a centimeter grid pattern (Workbenches, Geekbot, etc.). Mount it at a right angle, and flat.

    Product Features

    • Single bit output
    • Small size
    • On-board LEDs
    • Power 3V to 6VDC operation 150uA idle, 3mA active(no load) current draw
    • 30mA active(0 ohm resistor) high current draw
    • Detect a person up to 30 ft away
    • 180°wide detect angle
    • Sensitivity adjustable
    • On-board light sensor, night enable mode
    • 4-pin SIP header with breadboard-friendly 0.1” spacing

    Technical Details

    • Power requirements: 3.0V – 6.0V DC
    • Typical: 5V @ 3mA
    • Operating temp range: 0°C to +50 °C
    • Dimensions: 36.0 x 36.0 x 20.2 mm

    Further Information:

    Simplytronics ST-00081 Wide Angle PIR Sensor Data Sheet

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