This item has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered - read about product status here
Price: $9.95

    Sometimes a regular project box just isn’t enough. You need some flash, some mystery, some style. We understand, we felt the same way. We had these wooden treasure boxes special made for a few of our own projects and now you can DIY in style too.

    Why make your project in a plain box when you can make it look like a mysterious magic box bought in a dangerous back alley in some remote corner of the world? Time to step up your DIY game.

    We recommend using our Panel Mount Dual Power Cable with the treasure project box.

    • Front latch for a snug close
    • Inner dimensions are 180 wide X 110 deep X 110 tall
    • 1cm x 1cm rails inside lid for attaching mounting plates
    • 1 magic wish provided with each box. Use wisely.
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