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    Kit Includes:

    1 x Credit Card Thin Card (ISO)

    1 x Thick Card (Clamshell)

    1 x Inventory Label - Square Version (38 x 38 mm)

    1 x 18mm Button with Sticker Backing

    1 x 35mm White Disk with Hole

    1 x 30mm Global Tag (black)

    1 x 25mm White Disk

    1 x 25mm White Disk (sticker backing)

    1 x 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk

    1 x 30mm Clear Thin Lamination Disk (sticker backing)

    1 x 25mm Clear Thin Lamination Disc

    1 x Blue Key Fob

    1 x Wristband Watch Style

    *Tags might change depending on availability, but will be similar in type.

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