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    *Please Note: RobotGeek RoboTurret Mini is intended to be 3D printed.
    Make sure you have access to a 3D printer or 3D printing service before purchasing this kit.

    Download the 3D files from our thingiverseThingiverse

    The RoboTurret Mini is 9g pan and tilt / Turret Designed to work with the RobotGeek standard Centimeter Grid pattern, this is a cheap and easy way to add a solid little turret to your next project.

    Kit Contains:

    • 2 x 9G Metal Gear Mini Servo
    • RobotGeek Joystick
    • 2 x RobotGeek 150mm Sensor Cables
    • RobotGeek Small Workbench
    • 3-pin couplers
    • Assembly Hardware

    Since this robot is based on the RobotGeek Desktop Roboturret, you can use code written for the RobotGeek Desktop RoboTurret with this project.