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Price: $18.95

    Need a control panel for your next project? The RobotGeek 4 Line LCD Control Panel is a great choice! With a 4 line LCD Display, you'll have enough room to display menu lists, lots of sensor readouts, pictures, and more! On each side of the display are 4 buttons. The left buttons are marked for moving up and down, and the right two buttons make great select and back buttons. Like the rest of the RobotGeek line, this control panel is compatible with the 1cm x 1cm grid found on RobotGeek Workbenches, the Geekbot, Snapper Arm, and more!

    Use it in conjunction with some RobotGeek Pumping Stations for a Barbot that lets you select your drinks! Use it as a readout for a big project using analog inputs! Make a video game! There's tons you can do, so give it a go!

    • 16.5 x 6.5cm Panel
    • 7.5 x 2.5cm LCD 4 x 20 Character Display
    • 4 9mm Buttons
    • Centimeter Grid Compatible

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