This item has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered - read about product status here
Price: $4.95

    A simple but effective design, the Robot Geek 1-inch Ball Caster is meant to keep your mobile platform moving freely. Laser-cut Acrylic parts with an array of standoffs make assembly and mounting of various sizes easy. The 1-inch Acetal ball’s natural lubricity and resistance to moisture are advantageous to any mobile robotics platform.

    The total height of this ball caster is 1.1" with no spacers, you can also adjust the height by adding spacers and standoffs. Additional mounting standoffs and solutions are provided within the package to support different heights and meet your project specifications.

    The mounting plates conform to the standard 1 X 1 CM Robot Geek grid pattern making it easy to mount the caster onto any of the Robot Geek plates or Decks.