This item has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered - read about product status here
Price: $169.95

    The RobotGeek Snapper Core Kit is the base arm hardware and servos necessary to build a snapper arm, for those who already have a microprocessor board such as a Geekduino/Arduino. If you would like a full kit that contains a microprocessor board and input modules, check out the RobotGeek Snapper Arm Kit.

    This core kit contains all the arm hardware, including a 120mm Slewing Bearing, RobotGeek 180 degree servos, and all the necessary brackets, mounts, body parts, nuts, bolts, and wires you need to add a robot arm to your project! The robot arm can be easily modified and upgraded for many different types of projects. You will need to sand your gripper for smooth operation, more details available in the assembly guide.

    Kit Includes:

    A 7V5A Power Supply is required to run the RobotGeek Servos, but not included in this kit. If you buy a power supply with this kit, we'll take a dollar off your order! We'll give you the same deal if you add a RobotGeek Sensor Shield to your order!

    This kit is a great companion to any of our RobotGeek Experimenter's Kits, as it does not come with an arduino board or any controls. If you already have an Arduino/Geekduino and a breadboard or Sensor Shield, this kit is for you!

    The Snapper Arm mount is built in the 1x1 cm grid pattern - this means that the arm can easily be removed and mounted onto other RobotGeek plates, like the Large Workbench and the RobotGeek Geekbot.

    Snapper Arm Stats
    DOF 5
    Payload 50g
    Reach 28.5cm
    Controller Geekduino/Arduino (not included)
    Gripper Max Open 37mm
    Weight(With base and control panel) 1 kg / 2.2lbs
    Weight(Without base and control panel) .75 kg / 1.65