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Price: $19.95

    Need a one-handed robot remote? Check out the Wii Nunchuk Joystick Kit! This bundle comes with everything you need to connect your RobotGeek Sensor Shield . You can even connect this kit directly to your Arduino/ArbotiX (see this page for diagrams and required cables).

    Using our Wii Controller Breakout Board you can easily and safely connect your nunchuk to your arduino. Our adapter board is different from a lot of other wii boards because it has built in level shifting. All Wii Nunchuks are designed to run at 3.3v, so voltage level shifting is required for guaranteed operation. from a 5v system.

    The Wii Nunchuk has 2 analog sensors it its joystick as well as 2 pushbuttons you can access. Hidden within the Nunchuk also has a 3-axis accelerometer, allowing you to read the pitch and roll of the nunchuk. You can control servos, lights, displays and more with your nunchuk. And you get all of these sensors for only 2 data a pins on your Arduino!

    Kit contents

    The Getting started guide includes wiring diagrams, libraries and demo code.