New Items:
USB A Male to A Male USB, A, Male, to, USB A Male

Price: $5.95

7v5A Power Supply

Price: $11.95

DC Squid Cable dc squid cable, squid cable, dc squid, squid cable female to male, female to male squid, 1 female to 6 male dc cable

Price: $9.95

Rubber Bumpers - Large rubber bumpers, large rubber bumpers, rubber feet, large rubber feet

Price: $4.95

120mm Slewing Bearing slewing bearing, robot slewing bearing, robot arm base bearing

Price: $19.95

RobotGeek Pushbutton arduino pushbutton, arduino button, arduino button board, arduino digital button

Price: $2.95

RobotGeek Light Sensor robotgeek light sensor, photocell, light sensor, robotgeek, arduino light sensor, arduino photocell

Price: $3.95

RobotGeek Buzzer arduino buzzer, arduino buzzer board, arduino speaker, arduino piezo, arduino piezo board

Price: $3.95

RobotGeek Tilt Sensor arduino tilt sensor, tilt sensor, arduino digital tilt senor, arduino tilt senor board

Price: $4.95

medium solenoid

Price: $14.95

small solenoid

Price: $9.95

12v DC Motor Pump - Full View

Price: $24.95

FSR Kit Combo

Price: $32.25

24 Inch Strip FSR Kit force sensor

Price: $26.00

1.5 Inch FSR Kit force sensor

Price: $16.25

.5 Inch FSR Kit force sensor

Price: $14.95

.2 Inch FSR Kit force sensor

Price: $14.35

10 Foot Extension Wire spal, linear actuator, actuator controller, wiring harness

Price: $25.95

EM4102 Tag Kit

Price: $11.95

RFID EM4200 Thin Cards

Price: $0.79

RFID Key Fob

Price: $0.79