Before you use or charge this battery you must read the Lithium Battery Saftety Instructions and Warnings document.
  1. Do not charge or use batteries if the battery ...
    1. is punctured or damaged
    2. is bloated, expanded, swelling or otherwise deformed
    3. has any cell with a voltage of 3.3v. This means less than 6.6v for a 2-cell/7.4v battery
  2. Do not charge batteries unattended. Monitor batteries during charging for popping, hissing, smoke, sparks or fire. Also monitor the battery for any swelling or other deformities. Disconnect the battery from your charger immediately.
  3. Do not charge batteries near flammable material. Charge batteries in a fireproof container. Do not charge batteries while they are in your robot
This item has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered - read about product status here
Price: $39.95

    Power up your rover, or take your robot arm off the grid with the 7.4V 4400mAh Lithium Ion Battery! This battery has excellent capacity for robotics projects utilizing several RobotGeek Servos.

    To make it easy to connect/disconnect the battery from your project, each of these batteries has a Female T-Connector (Deans Ultra Plug compatble), and for easy charging, a barrel Jack for use with the Charger with over-voltage protection (included).

    If discharged too low, Lithium Ion batteries can become unstable and unsafe to use. However these battery packs have built in under-voltage protection. This means that when they fall below the cut-off voltage, the batteries will turn off, preventing the Lithium Ion cells from discharging too low. protecting your battery.

    The included battery charger and over-volt protection ensure that the battery is charged at correct voltage levels. The charger will change its LED from red to green when the charging process is done.

    As with any Lithium based battery, you should always take care when using or charging your battery.

    • Lithium ion battery: 7.4V 4400mAh (2S2P), with PCM, Samsung cells.
    • Cycle life: over 500 times
    • Nominal Voltage: 7.4V, Nominal capacity: 4400mAh
    • Discharge cut-off Volt: 5.5V
    • Charge cut-off volt: 8.4V
    • Max. constant discharge current: 15A
    • Package: PVC shrink package
    • Weight: 200g