Geekbot Rover
Geekbot Rover

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Price: $139.95 In Stock
Item #: RG-GEEKBOT -

    The GeekBot Arduino Compatible Rover is a highly flexible wheeled rover created from the ground up to be completely modular and easy to customize. Powered by two high speed continuous turn robot servos, GeekBot has a strong payload capability of 1kg/2.2lbs and moves fast at up to 0.4Mps / 1.3fps. Each Geekbot comes with a 2200mah 7.4V rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, allowing your Geekbot to run for hours! Integrated protection circuitry protects the battery from under/over voltage. Each kit...

    Robot Geek Panning Range Sensor Kit
    Price: $19.95 In Stock
    Item #: KIT-RG-RANGEPAN -

      The RobotGeek Panning Range Sensor is everything you need to add a panning Sharp IR Range sensor to your project. Combining a single IR sensor with a small servo is a common way to get add wide range sensing to a robot at a low cost.The kit includes:Sharp IR sensor (choose model from drop down)9g ServoSharp IR mounting bracket9g Servo mounting kitIR Sensor cable Panning Range Sensor Kit Assembly Guide ...

      Robot Geek Duino Mount
      Price: $5.95 In Stock
      Item #: ASM-RG-DUINOMNT -

        The Duino Mounting Plate converts the Arduino three hole pattern to the standard Robot Geek hole pattern. All Robot Geek kits, sensors, and components conform to a 1 x 1 centimeter grid making it easy to custom build your projects any way you desire. The Duino Mounting Plate allows you to easily mount and move your Arduino boards anywhere you want on your Robot Geek projects. *NOTE: The Duino Mounting plate does not come with the Geekduino. ...

        RobotGeek Servo Mount Kit
        Price: $4.95 In Stock
        Item #: ASM-RG-SMP -

          The Servo Mount Kit provides a mounting solution for the RobotGeek Robot Servo or the RobotGeek Continuous Turn servo. The mounting plate conforms to the standard RobotGeek 1 X 1cm grid for easy mounting on any of your projects.RobotGeek Servo Mount Kit comes with: 1 X Mounting Plate 10 X M3*6 Bolts 5 X M3*15 F/F Standoffs 5 X M3*20 F/F Standoffs 5 X M3*25 F/F Standoffs 5 X M3*30 F/F Standoffs 5 X M3*15 M/F Standoffs ...

          RobotGeek Side Bracket Mount Kit
          Price: $7.95 In Stock
          Item #: RG-SBMOUNT -

            The side bracket mount kit gives you the hardware needed to mount the RobotGeek Servo using a Side Bracket to RobotGeek Decks and Workstations. The kit comes with various length standoffs and a small and large mounting plate.1 x RobotGeek Side Bracket1 x Large Mounting Plate25 x M2*5 Bolts25 x M2*8 Bolts25 x M3*8 Bolts25 x M2 Nuts5 x M3x10 Standoff5 x M3x15 Standoff5 x M3x20 Standoff5 x M3x25 Standoff5 x M3x30 Standoff ...

            Robot Geek 9G mount
            Price: $3.95 In Stock
            Item #: ASM-9GM -

              This mount works with our plastic gear 9g servo and our metal gear 9g servo.The RobotGeek 9g Mount is a simple way to mount your 9g servos to any RobotGeek deck or platform. The mount and two standoffs conform to the Robot Geek 1 X 1 CM grid used in all RobotGeek kits. The standoffs in this kit are 20mm tall.If you are looking to mount a Sharp IR Range sensor on your servo check out our IR Sensor Mounting Kit! ...

              Robot Geek Sharp IR Sensor Mount
              Price: $3.95 In Stock
              Item #: ASM-IRSMOUNT -

                The Robot Geek Sharp IR Sensor Mount allows you to mount a Sharp IR distance sensor on a 9g servo or on standoffs to mount on Robot Geek kits. The mount conforms to the Robot Geek 1 X 1 CM grip pattern allowing you to have extreme flexibility in mounting your IR range sensors.The Mounting Kit comes with: 2 X M3*10 F/F Standoffs 2 X M3*20 F/F Standoffs 2 X M3*30 F/F Standoffs 2 X M3*15 M/F Standoffs Necessary nuts, bolts, and mounting plates ...

                RobotGeek 1" Pastic Ball Caster
                Price: $4.95 In Stock
                Item #: ASM-RG-CASTER -

                  A simple but effective design, the Robot Geek 1-inch Ball Caster is meant to keep your mobile platform moving freely. Laser-cut Acrylic parts with an array of standoffs make assembly and mounting of various sizes easy. The 1-inch Acetal ball’s natural lubricity and resistance to moisture are advantageous to any mobile robotics platform. The total height of this ball caster is 1.1" with no spacers, you can also adjust the height by adding spacers and standoffs. Additional mounting standoffs and...