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Serial Bluetooth Upgrade Kit (Android Compatible) Serial, Bluetooth, BT, interbotix, robotgeek, Upgrade, Kit, Android, module, communication, radio, phone, tablet, controller
Price: $19.95 In Stock
Item #: ASM-HC-05-BT -

    Want to control your Commander compatible robot using your Android powered cellphone or tablet? The Bluetooth Upgrade Kit is the solution for you. By attaching this upgrade kit to serial, you can control your robot in style using the BT Commander App! Designed with InterbotiX and RobotGeek robots in mind, this is a fantastic solution for controlling your Hexapod MK-III, or taking command of your Geekbot! Kit Includes: 1x - HC-05 Serial Bluetooth Module 1x - Centimeter Grid Mounting Plate 1x -...

    RobotGeek IR Receiver RobotGeek, IR, infrared, Receiver, infra, red
    Price: $6.95 In Stock

      Want a simple untethered control solution for your next project? The RobotGeek IR Receiver has you in its line of sight! This infrared receiver will pick up signal from any remote that sends an infrared signal, or can receive from another ~duino sending signals with the RobotGeek IR Transmitter! As with all RobotGeek sensors, the hole mounting pattern is on a 1x1 CM grid so they easily mount to the RobotGeek Workbenches or any other RobotGeek kit. Each sensor includes a mounting plate and all...

      Universal IR Game-Pad IR remote, IR Controller, Infra red controller, Infra red game pad, infra red game controller
      Price: $12.95 In Stock
      Item #: UG-IRGAME -

        The Universal IR Game-pad is a simple IR transmitter encased in a standard game-pad like design. Use to control your television or next project paired with the RobotGeek IR receiver.

        RobotGeek Wii Adaptor w/ Cable
        Price: $5.95 In Stock
        Item #: KIT-WIIADP -

          Add a Wii controller to your robotics project quickly and easily using our new RobotGeek Wii Adapter w/ Cable. It can be used with either the Wii NunChuk Joystick or Classic Pro Controller. Whether you've got a robot, turret, rover, or other Arduino project: adding one (or more) of the familiar and well-designed Wii controllers to your build can greatly simplify the control setup process. This item is intended for those who already have a Wii controller or plan to purchase one separately. See...

          Wii Classic Controller Kit Wii, Classic, Controller, Kit, joystick, robot, geek, robotgeek
          Price: $14.95 In Stock
          Item #: CON-WII-KIT -

            The Wii Classic Controller Kit is a great addition to any robotics project requiring direct control. With only 4 pins you get a total of 15 digital buttons and 4 analog inputs (2 joysticks). This is great for controlling robot movement as well as setting parameters, modes and more! Our comprehensive Getting Started Guide will show you how to hook up the board/controller and how to use our Arduino Library for the controller. A video posted by Trossen Robotics (@trossenrobotics) on Dec 2, 2015...

            RobotGeek Control Panel
            Price: $24.95 In Stock
            Item #: RG-CNTRL-PNL -

              The RobotGeek Control Panel is a great way to control your arduino projects that require simple joystick / rotation control. The panel is an excellent addition to other RobotGeek kits such as the Desktop RobotTurret or Pan and Tilt kit. Kit includes:3x RobotGeek Joysticks1x RobotGeek Rotation Knob5x RobotGeek 3 Pin cablesHardware, plates and tools required for assembly ...