Price: $44.95


    The RobotGeek RFID Lock Box kit combines Arduino, RFID and a Project Box to make your very own personal safe! The lock box kit allows you to to program your arduino to lock and unlock the box with the swipe an RFID tag or card, it even stays locked if unplugged. Mildly secure your semi-valuables in this decorative conversation piece!   

    We don't advise keeping real valuables in the treasure box!

    Kit Inclues:

    1x Wooden Project Box

    1x RobotGeek Geekduino

    1x RobotGeek RFIDuino

    1x RobotGeek Relay

    1x RobotGeek Small Solenoid

    1x DC Power Harness

    1x RobotGeek 300mm Sensor Cable

    1x 90 Degree Barrel Adapter

    1x Thin RFID Card

    1x Blue RFID Key Fob

    1x Clear Thin Lamination Disk (Sticker Backing)

    1x Hardware / Mounting Plates to Fully Assemble the kit

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