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Price: $32.25

    This kit comes with everything you need to hook your Force Sensing Resistor into your microcontroller or Phidgets Interface Kit. Connect the FSR to the voltage divider board using the 2-Pin female cable, or with the terminal adaptor. Then feed the voltage divider power and ground through the 3-pin cable, and you'll get an analog voltage reading on the third pin of that cable. Check out this video and the videos below for more info.

    The FSR in this kit is perfect for robotic grippers, robot feet, and similar applications.

    We searched long and hard to find a flat force sensing resistor that we liked. When we tried these bad boys out for the first time we knew the search was over. Paper thin and well made, these FSR's are just plain fun to play with.

    Kit Includes FSR FEATURE LIST
    • Various sizes: .2", .5", 1.5", 24" strip
    • Rubber backing
    • Peel sticker backing
    • Choice of male tabs or female connector (FSR Kits only come with female)
    • Can use voltage divider to adjust sensitivity band
    0.2" FSR Datasheet
    0.5" FSR Datasheet
    1.5" FSR Datasheet
    24" FSR Datasheet
    FSR 400 Series Datasheets
    Product Integration Guide
    The datasheet and FSR Integration Manual should have answers to any technical questions about the product. Please read before calling.